6Ch Single Blade

WL Toys V933 2.4GHz 6Ch Flybarless RC Helicopter RTF

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The V933 is an upgraded version of the The V922 RC helicopter. The main difference is the 13g weight difference and the size.

Just like the V922 the V933 may be small but it is a fully featured 6 channel helicopter crammed with the latest technology including collective pitch for increased lift, flybarless rotor head for more efficient and smooth flight and a 3 axis gyro system that keeps the helicopter stable even outdoors. Its advanced flybarless design reduces drag on the rotor head and more importantly, under the precision of the three- axis gyroscope greatly increases stability of the body. This, combined with its exceptionally lightweight airframe, delivers a level of power and responsiveness that eclipses that of any ultra micro heli you have flown before. Thanks to that the helicopter is capable of extreme 3D manoeuvres and inverted flight. The 2.4GHz transmitter comes with an easy control mode which keeps the helicopter going in the same direction when inverted and expert mode which is the old school way of controlling the heli whilst doing manoeuvres! Due to its size, it means that it is capable of flying both indoors and out so no amount of wind and rain will stop you from playing!



The V922 is a 6Ch collective pitch flybarless helicopter from WL Toys. The collective pitch means that as you increase the throttle the blades automatically rotate upwards also to give increased lift and it is this increased lift that allows for inverted flight and aerobatic flying. It's an awesome machine packed into a small ready to fly package. You will be amazed by this little heli and its capabilities. The V922 is equipped with a 3-axis gyro that makes flight really stable. The gyro acts like a kind of auto pilot and automatically holds the helicopter steady if there is a gust of wind or something. This means you can spend more time enjoying trying new tricks and less time have to constantly adjust to keep it steady. The flybarless rotor head is newly designed for increased efficiency and stability with main rotor blades that add some weight to balance the helicopter. The helicopter is built from durable material so can cope with multiple light collisions but should a repair be needed the flybarless system is much simpler to work on. Typically, it's complicated to set up a 6Ch flybarless helicopter with a 3 axis flight control board, however this has been eradicated as the V922 is RTF (ready to fly) straight from the box which is fantastic for those who are new to 6Ch collective pitch helicopters. Instead of messing with settings and other complicated parameters, you can focus on your flight abilities and having fun. The V922 has an unconventional way of allowing new pilots to fly inverted. There is a helpful function dubbed “Easy control”. You will find a switch on the top left hand corner of the transmitter that helps you to keep the same direction control when flying inverted so you will not feel lost in orientation when performing inverted flight. Of course, some of you may feel that this is cheating! Therefore, you can switch off easy control and fly inverted normally!

Specs & Features

Additional Information

Manufacturer WL Toys
Build RTR
Radio Equipment 2.4 GHz
Motor / Engine Brushed
Blades Single Blade
Channels 6 Ch
  • Longueur: 238mm
  • Hauteur: 93.7mm
  • Poids: 50g
  • Longueur du rotor principal: 113mm
  • Diamètre du rotor principal: 249mm
  • Diamètre du rotor de la queue: 45mm
  • Batterie: 3.7V 300mAh 30C Li-Po
  • Equipement radio: 2.4GHz 6 chaines
  • Portée: 100 - 150 mètres
  • Durée du vol: 6 - 8 minutes par charge
  • Parfait pour les pilotes experts et débutants
  • Gyroscope 3 axes intégré pour maintenir la stabilité de l'hélicoptère même quand il y a du vent
  • Trois servomoteurs intégrés
  • Transmetteur 2.4Ghz qui permet à plusieurs modèles d'être utilisés au même endroit
  • Le transmetteur peut facilement passer du mode 1 au mode 2
  • Fonctions contrôle expert et contrôle facile sur le transmetteur
  • Peut voler à l'extérieur ou à l'intérieur
  • Capable de vol 3D complet
  • Entièrement assemblé et testé à l'usine, donc prêt à voler en sortant de la boite
  • Tête de rotor flybarless
  • Ce qu'il y a dans la boite
  • 1 x Hélicoptère V922 RC
  • 1 x Transmetteur 6 Ch 2.4GHz
  • 2 x Batterie 3.7V 300mAh Li-Po
  • 1 x Chargeur
  • 2 x Câbles chargeur
  • 2 x Pales principales
  • 1 x Set de connection
  • 4 xPropulseurs de rechange
  • 1 x Pale de la queue
  • 1 x Set de vis
  • 1 x Set de tournevis
Required To Use 6 x AA batteries for the transmitter



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