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E-Razor 250 XFP 4Ch RC Helicopter RTF - 2.4Ghz

SKU DY8898

Quick Overview

The Dynam E-Razor 250 XFP is a hobby grade 4CH RC helicopter featuring a full metal rotor head and unique tail rotor design. This great looking radio controlled helicopter is an excellent introduction to proper 4CH single blade helicopter flying.


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E-Razor 250 XFP 4Ch RC Helicopter RTF - 2.4Ghz

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The Dynam E-Razor 250 XFP is a hobby grade 4CH RC helicopter featuring a full metal rotor head and unique tail rotor design. This great looking Radio controlled helicopter is an excellent introduction to proper 4CH single blade helicopter flying. The model is categorised as a RTF Ready to Fly, meaning that all necessary items to get your RC Helicopter in to the air are included in the package, all you need is 8 AA size batteries for the radio transmitter. All components are factory pre-installed and set-up.

The E-Razor 250 XFP features a full metal main Rotor head mounted on a carbon fibre central shaft. The main frame is made of best quality black coposite; it's light and flexible to allow for some hard landings. The Body has been designed to allow easy access to all mechanical bits as well as electronics for easy maintenance and replacement. The E-Razor as standard comes with a brushed 370 main motor installed, N50 tail motor and a 7.4V 850mAh lithium polymer battery (balance charger included in the package).

The helicopter features a unique tail rotor setup whereby the tail motor is housed in the main frame and then connected to the tail rotor via a rotating shaft instead of the usual setup where the tail motor is housed in the tail. This has several advantages including less weight in the tail for better flight and also more reliability and less maintenance. The tail assembly has been mounted on a metal boom with a Kevlar style finish. All the on board electronics are managed by the 4-in-1 Gyro, ESC, receiver and mixer unit. With the horizontal and vertical stabiliser fins, fresh looking canopy you have got yourself a not only great spec flying machine, but a good looking one too.

This remote controlled helicopter comes with a long range 4ch 2.4GHz radio set. The main advantages of 2.4GHz sets are:

  • Improved reliability due to less interference at this frequency range
  • Quicker more responsive control
  • Lower power consumption
  • Many models can be used together at once without need for checking frequencies and crystals etc

Additional Information

SKU DY8898
Manufacturer Dynam
Build RTF
Radio Equipment 2.4 GHz
Motor / Engine Brushed
Blades Single Blade
Channels 4 Ch
  • RTF Electric 4CH helicopter
  • Length:  428mm
  • Height:   160mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter:428mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 96mm
  • Weight  RTF W /  Battery:282g
  • Battery: 7.4V  850mAh Li-Po
  • Motors: 370 main ,N50 tail ,installed
  • Servo: 7g*2pcs
  • On-Board Electronics: 4-in-1 Gyro / ESC / Receiver /mixer 
  • Radio : 4CH 2.4GHz Dynam 
  • Solide metalen rotorkop
  • Unieke as aangedreven staartrotor
  • Hoge kwaliteit hobby kwaliteit model van Dynam RC
  • Gemaakt van hoogwaardig composiet en metaal
  • Carbon rotoras
  • Hoge spec 2.4Ghz radioapparatuur
  • Shaft driven staartrotor
  • Ingebouwde gyro voor eenvoudige stabiele vlucht
Required To Use
  • 8x AA Batteries

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Customer Reviews

un jouet simpa Review by David 48
Fun Factor
Delivery Speed
Voila un petit achat interressant et amusant pour ceux qui ont tout fait avec leur birotor , bel helico de transition (Posted on 02/10/2013)
Good fun for both the beginner and intermediate alike Review by JM
Fun Factor
Delivery Speed
The previous reviewer seemed to focus purely on two things, and, to be honest, neither issues I found to exist.

The heli straight out of the box is complete and RTF, just pair the radio with the Rx and you're ready. If you are a novice I would say that you should have the aircraft checked over by someone who's more experienced so they can set up the trims for you. Having flown two seperate one's out of the box now they are well set up but I found they still needed a tweak or two.

Don't forget your trainer undercarriage too!

The aircraft is quite a nice heli to fly and is quite stable once you get out of the ground effect area and start to practice those hovers.

I find the skids to be plenty strong enough and whilst my son has the landing ability of a brick falling out of a tree the skids have stayed perfectly intact. As has every part of the helicopter. Apart from one set of blades we have not had to do any repairs, whether that is down to luck or the fact that the components are quite robust I will leave to your imagination but suffice to say the trees have been quite happy to catch the heli on regular occasions with little, if any, effect on the aircraft.

Once the trainer legs are off the aircraft is capable of fast and resaonably acrobatic flying, which should be more than capable of putting a grin on your face for many years.

It really does come alive and whilst there is always a focus on any heli to be able to fly upside down to be called a great helicopter, in truth very few people actually do that anyway, and this heli can perform most of the tricks in the book, as long as you can.

With a robust canopy, decent skids and a shaft driven tail this can see you happily through your training and through to a decent level of pilot before you might yearn for something else.

Go and buy one. (Posted on 24/09/2013)
Brilliant quality. Review by jordan
Fun Factor
Delivery Speed
I really like this product and here are my views on the pros and cons of this helicopter.

The first thing I noticed is in flight the flybar can hit the cannopy if you go forawrds of backwards too agressively and causes the bladespeed to slow and crash. The other thing is the canopy has a tendancy to rip very easily and the landing skids break if not very careful. I don't reccomend it for complete beginners as it is very fast.

Excellent quality of the gears and servos. The remote is the perfect size and the battery lasts about 12 mins and it's only 850Mah. Flights are smooth and the helicopter is easy(ish) to control. Although as I said in the cons "not for complete beginners" it can be as long as they are gentle with the controls and you turn the expos down.

Good product but obvious things like the flybar issue and the structuaral integrity of the craft needs to be looked at. Reccomended for pilots that have had experience on micro / coaxial 4ch helicopters as the response of this helicopter is very very fast. (Posted on 10/07/2013)
Nice. Review by Brad
Fun Factor
Delivery Speed
I think the first reviewer had some bad luck with his helicopter so good luck fixing it. Like the other 2 people, I found this helicopter to work very well for a beginner and intermediate alike. You can tame it down for novice pilots or you can let it speed off into the distance. I highly reccomend you get this helicopter as it is quality. Another Dynam product that impressed me. I don't think il be out growing this any time soon (Posted on 08/02/2012)

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